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Automated Integrations

Discover how Superstriker automates and saves you time by
seamlessly integrating essential 3rd-party tools & services.
Namecheap Domains
Import your domains
from Namecheap to Superstriker
and easily rotate servers
Cloudflare CDN
TurboCharge your landing pages
by easily connecting your domains
with CloudFlare CDN
Binom Tracker
Synchronize your landers
to your favorite tracker and
you are ready to rumble!
I love to automate, integrate, and simplify as much as possible.
It gives me dopamine, like cocaine to my brain
Pathaksa Tongpitak Superstriker CEO

Built-in Template Vault

Instantly deploy proven landers from the Superstriker Vault
and start profiting
Lander Variations

Pay As You Scale

Let's scale your performance to a higher level.
The ultimate weapon is waiting for you.


Best choice for newbies
$ 97 / Mon
Up to 10 Domains
Up to 15 Templates
Up to 50 Landing Page Variations
1,000,000 Events
Landing Page Downloader
Template Vault

Super Affiliate

Time to scale
$ 297 / Mon
Up to 30 Domains
Up to 50 Templates
Up to 250 Landing Page Variations
5,000,000 Events
Landing Page Downloader
Template Vault

Hyper Affiliate

Go H.A.M.
$ 1497 / Mon
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Templates
Unlimited Landing Page Variations
30,000,000 Events
Landing Page Downloader
Template Vault

What Our Clients Say

Automate and rapidly scale your affiliate marketing campaigns
like our satisfying clients.
This saves me so much time,
just point and click
I used to setup domains, cloudflare and tracker manually. What took me hours before, only takes minutes now. Kudos to Superstriker!
Gouya SMS Marketer
I love the lander variations feature
to create unique news article pages
Most lander from spy tools are also run by other affiliates but by using Superstriker I can create variations faster than others to get a competitive advantage.
Megumi Yoshida Affiliate @ The Marketing Club
Speed and up-time is essential,
especially when you scale hard
I've lost a lot of money in the past whenever my domain was flagged. You lose traction if you have to restart your traffic. Superstriker solves this for me.
Yiem Bontsema Super Affiliate
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